Public Speaking

All of us have to speak in public at some time; but you can be successful and at ease wherever you speak.

photo 1 5It may be a presentation for work or school, a speech at a social occasion like a wedding or birthday, a job interview, participation at a formal proceeding like court, a first date, an after dinner speech, a party or asking someone special an important question.

We all can feel nervous about such events, maybe to the extent of avoiding them, even when we want to be there.

Some people appear natural conversationalists whilst others of us find it doesn’t come easily to say the right thing at the right time. Even when mixing with friends and family we can be self-conscious or wary of speaking out.

One of the specialisms I have developed over the years is helping people with public speaking of all kinds from casual conversations to formal presentations. Using a combination of techniques, I can reduce your anxiety, boast your confidence, help you develop more flexible communication skills, improve your voice projection and fluency of speech, tailor the content of the language you use and develop your non-verbal skills such as facial expression, gesture and posture.

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Drawing on my years of experience as a communication specialist as well as a therapist I can tailor the therapy I use to the needs of you and the occasion you wish to address.



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