Health & Medical Conditions

Hypnotherapy has a long history of use alongside conventional medical treatment, improving health and managing a wide range of medical conditions.

photo 1 3I have several years of experience working as a therapist with patients of progressive illnesses such as MS, MND and Parkinson’s Disease and their carers, as well as those suffering from sudden traumatic events such as Stroke or Head Injury.

Emotional well being

Hypnotherapy has an excellent track record helping people with many mental health issues, including anxiety, panic attacks and PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).


Hypnotherapy is also of benefit with regard to many physical conditions. Patients recovering from surgery can do so more speedily and effectively if hypnotherapy is part of the post surgery management. Hypnotherapy can sometimes be a risk free alternative to surgery such as the Virtual Hypno-Gastric Band.

Chronic illnesses

Hypnotherapy can also help with managing chronic conditions such as arthritis, IBS and skin complaints and living with diagnosis such as MS or ME. It can help alleviate the physical symptoms, improve pain, sleep, fatigue and emotional management, decrease feelings of frustration and depression and increase feelings of calmness, control and happiness.


photo 1Hypnotherapy can also benefit the carers of people suffering from the above, ensuring their feelings and needs are addressed too.



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